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Selling your home can be one of the biggest decisions of your life.  Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be a stressful one!  Check out my 7 selling tips below, and you will find it can actually be a quick and seamless process – with a high price reward!

If you have lived in a home for years, you probably know that things can accumulate quickly – furniture, clothing, toys, exercise equipment, nicknacks, and so much more!  Sometimes, we get so used to our decor, that we don’t even notice how much “stuff” we actually have.

My number one selling tip is to declutter!  Buyers want to envision themselves living in your home, and want it to eventually reflect their own decor, style, and personality.  Support their vision by removing any personal effects.  This includes family photos, clothing items, memorabilia, books, and even refrigerator magnets!  You should especially consider removing items that represent your politics, religion, world views, and even favorite sports teams.  Staging your home with more generic, minimalistic, and neutral items will appeal to the largest audience and it will be easier for your qualified buyers to envision themselves living there.

Maximize Your Space:
In order to net the highest price point, you want your home to seem as large as possible.  Start by removing very large furniture and excess pieces in each room.  For example, a dining room can look beautiful and spacious with just a simple table, chairs, and fresh bouquet of flowers – you may want to remove the china cabinet, bar cart, lamps, baskets, and plants.  What might seem like “empty” space to you, will appear as additional square footage to your buyers!

Pro Tip: Get a storage unit to set aside all extra furniture and personal items, as you will need to make more space in even the smallest, rarely visited rooms, like the attic, closets, pantry, and shed.  The money you spend on a storage unit will surely be well spent, as a decluttered home will lead to a much higher offer!


Fix Everything:
It’s important to make any repairs before your house is listed.  Even small issues like cracked paint or a broken light can be a turn-off to your buyer, who is comparing your house to several others.  Plus, any issues will eventually be discovered during a home inspection, at which point you will have to cover the costs anyway.  Your buyers want to feel like they can trust you, so being upfront and honest can go a long way. Don’t risk a deal falling through over repairs that could have been made from the get-go!


Be Honest About Strengths and Weaknesses:

Always work with an agent who can carefully construct the language of your listing.  A seasoned realtor will highlight your home’s most desirable features, and take the photos to prove it!  But she will also always be honest about any shortcomings your home may have.  Buyers want to feel fully informed, and will not make an offer if they feel lied to.  For example, it’s more likely for a buyer to make an offer on a home they know does not have air conditioning, as they can consider all pros and cons from the start.  But that same buyer may walk away if the A/C is falsely advertised and they show up to a 95-degree Open House.  Always be honest, and you will reap the biggest rewards!

Price Your Property Right:
If you choose an experienced realtor who knows the market and your area well, you can trust her to guide you to an appropriate listing price.  Right now is an incredible seller’s market and buyers are offering well over the asking price if the home is priced right and is in very desirable condition.  This is due to the low-interest rates, high buyer demand, and low inventory.  In this market you may be able to push your price point a bit higher than usual, but make sure not to overprice.  Your agent will recommend a number that will get buyers in the door and create huge interest in your home to potentially generate multiple bids. The competition will drive up your number and could net you quite a desirable sum!


Give Buyers the Full Experience:
Providing a welcoming environment can go a long way.  At first glance, you want them to see a clean, organized, and spacious home with plenty of light, a fresh coat of paint, and beautiful decor.  But you can draw them in even further by appealing to all of their senses!  Light the fireplace to give a feeling of warmth.  Play some instrumental music with an upbeat tune.  Bake some cookies to make your home smell like heaven, and then offer them some to make their tastebuds happy!  Psychologically, people will feel more “at home” if you provide them some of these simple comforts.  Give them a first impression they won’t forget, and they will surely want to come back for more!

Market Your Home Via Several Media Avenues:

In today’s day and age, media coverage can be one of the most important factors for getting potential buyers to see your home and to attend the Open House.  Find an agent who is experienced in multi-media marketing, including high-end photography of your home, video marketing and all facets of social media marketing as well as more traditional print exposure.  The more eyes that see your property, the quicker your home will sell, and the more competitive your offers will be!

Check out my VIP Marketing Plan below to see the various avenues I use to sell homes quickly!  I include professional photography, staging, print advertising, a professionally designed website, TV and YouTube promotions, printed and mobile property brochures, targeted online advertising, and more!

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