Why Spring 2021 Will Be the BEST Time to SELL!

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After 18 amazing years in the Real Estate industry, I have learned that without a doubt, the Spring Market is the hottest time of the year for selling and buying. This is the season when most sellers put their homes on the market, get the highest priced offers, and have their homes sell in the shortest amount of time, typically with multiple bids!

But this year is expected to be particularly extraordinary, as experts predict 2021 to set even MORE records than 2020!  Chief Economist Danielle Hale predicts to Forbes:

“We  expect  sales  to  grow  7  percent  and  prices  to  rise  another  5.7  percent  on  top  of  2020’s  already  high  levels”
Those are incredible numbers considering 2020 was one of the most profitable years in recent history!

Those are incredible numbers considering 2020 was one of the most profitable years in recent history!

Why NOW is the BEST Time to Sell:

You Can Capitalize on the Early Spring Market

This year we have buyers coming out in cold and even snowy weather to seize the incredible opportunity of our early Spring Market – which starts this week!  The demand is high and inventory is low, and these early bird buyers are ready to scoop up the right house as soon as it becomes available.  This means that sellers are able to get top dollar in the shortest amount of time! 

Curb Appeal

There are so many creative ways to give your home the warm and inviting sense of Spring, even before the first bud has emerged!  I work with phenomenal stagers who can have your home ready to sell and looking magnificent in no time.  With tips and tricks like adding more light, open spaces, and pops of color, your home can look more amazing than ever!  So by the time the flowers are in full bloom, you may be well on your way to the closing table! 

I provide a completely FREE Market Analysis and if you list with me,  I also provide the first appointment with a top-of-the-line stager, completely FREE of charge!

 Most Convenient Season for Buyers

Most buyers want to get through the holiday season and the bitter cold winter days before taking on the life-changing task of looking for a home and making the move. Families typically like to settle into their homes before the new school year begins, and even buyers without children find the Spring market an easier time to take off from work and look for homes.  And as a seller, you may actually find this time is most convenient for you to sell your home for the very same reasons!

High Demand

Following the 2020 pandemic, we are seeing a large trend of city dwellers moving to the suburbs, renters deciding to become homeowners, and Millennials and Gen Z buyers entering the market. This means more competition, and more competition means bidding wars with competitive offers!

Lower Inventory

The high demand we have seen throughout 2020 and early 2021 means there are fewer houses available to the many prospective buyers.  Our open houses have lines wrapping around the block, there are multiple bids on many properties, and we have offers that are going way over the asking price. That’s great news for sellers, as it is predicted this year’s Spring Market will be even more competitive!

Low Mortgage Rates

Rates are currently at historic lows, hovering around 2.375 – 2.5% for a 30 year fixed rate. That’s an incredible opportunity that can save your buyers thousands of dollars!  And because they will be saving more money in the long run, buyers may be willing to offer a higher price point when there is a bidding war on your home. So you’ll be netting higher figures overall! 

If you want more information on what the rates are at right now, or if you would like to get pre-approved for a mortgage online, please click the link below.  Emi is highly qualified and will be able to answer all your financing questions!

Easier for You to Move to a New Home

But Ana, didn’t you just say that there is high demand and low inventory?  Yes, while this is true, the extremely competitive offers that you will receive on your home sale in this 2021 Spring Market could help you to afford the down payment for a higher-priced and more luxurious home!  Pair that with the aforementioned historically low mortgage rates, and you could save money for years to come.  

Please call me today at 201-247-6341 and I will be more than happy to send you a market analysis of your home. Or, simply click the link below and I can send you one online right now!

What is Your Home Worth in the 2021 Spring Market?

Don’t miss this absolutely fabulous Spring Market in Northern Bergen County!
NOW is the right time to SELL!
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